And they say romance is dead: Brits value acts of kindness more than ever

Brits believe unexpected acts of kindness are more important than ever before; spread the love: that’s the message, according to new research. 

A new survey, commissioned by Anchor, reveals that over two thirds (73%) of Brits believe it’s nice to be nice and when it comes to expressing care and affection, a resounding 42% of us would prefer to receive food-based gifts over experiences, electronics, or home décor.

Buttery bakes have risen as a top contender for an act of care or affection as over half of Brits have baked a sweet treat to spread the love, with over half (58%) agreeing that homemade treats are an appreciated ‘just because’ gift.

Rekindling a romance is now as easy as pie since a third (33%) of the nation believes a food-based gift would be most appreciated if gifted by their other half.

The study also reveals that bringing people together is quite literally a piece of cake. While almost all of us (86%) feel that sharing a meal with friends and family improves our moods, the power of food can be a positive catalyst for community bonding with over a third of us attending a community picnic, breakfast, or barbeque to be closer to our neighbourhood.

Over half (65%) of us also believe food-related initiatives like community dinners create closeness and ease community tensions.

Charlotte Lawson, Senior Brand Manager, at Anchor, says: “At Anchor, we recognise the magical mood enhancing power of buttery baked treats and comforting dishes, which is why we have never compromised on the taste and all-round creaminess of our product.

“From a morning crumpet to a buttery cake, we know that the simple act of buttering food can butter moods and bring communities together.”

As well as bringing communities together, our favourite dishes and baked goods also have the capacity to be our new love language when words fail – over half (51%) of us find it easier to convey feelings of care and affection through gifting food rather than expressing them through conversation.

In fact, wider research reveals a staggering 80% of Brits believe that a communal meal is one of the most crucial parts of family life, with 75% of Gen Z and millennials agreeing, suggesting this emotive ritual will stay for years to come. 79%[i] of us would also prefer a home hooked meal to celebrate special occasions as opposed to going out.

Like the 66% of Brits who consider the ‘butteryness’ of a food item important, Anchor believes in the power of mood enhancing food and is committed to prioritising the buttery goodness of their creamy range.

With kindness in mind, Anchor wants to continue to keep neighbourhoods feeling connected and supported, knowing that food has the power to bring communities together.

That’s why the butter brand has partnered with UK Community Foundations to help provide vital grants to community causes and groups across the nation.

The Anchor Community Connection Fund offers grants to the value of £100,000 to local community organisations, causes or programmes which bring people together to share food and strengthen community connections.

Anchor is available in most major supermarkets. For more information on Anchor and community partnerships, please visit:

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