Diversitea Podcast: Mother’s Day Special

Welcome to the Diversitea podcast’s special Mother’s Day episode.

In this talk, we will be discussing how the pandemic has impacted motherhood and changed the role of mother figures.

We talk to Ruth from The Virtual Explorers Club about the trials and tribulations of motherhood with two young children in lockdown.

Ruth offers great advice about parenting, funny tales from lockdown and the importance of prioritising yourself.

We also spoke to Yolanda from Cruse Bereavement Care who offered advice on how to cope with grief if you have lost a mother figure in your life and may find Mother’s Day difficult this year.

The bereavement volunteer emphasised the importance of reaching out and staying connected at a time when we are unable to embrace loved ones.

Finally, Diversitea presenters Aaliyah and Ruby reflect on the last year and their changing relationship with their mothers. 

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