On the pulse: Who do south west Londoners think will win the US Presidential election?

Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead over Donald Trump with just over two weeks to go in the race for the White House – but what do south west Londoners think of the election across the pond?

Clinton’s polling lead has widened since the release of the now infamous tape showing Trump joke about groping women.

Polling site FiveThirtyEight currently shows Clinton with a 7% lead and an 86% chance of becoming the first woman US President.

We took to the streets of Wimbledon to find out who Londoners will think will be the next president.

Who do you think will win the US Presidential election?

Clinton: 87%                                               Trump: 13%

South west London has given a decisive mandate to Clinton – with a slightly more generous prediction than FiveThirtyEight.

Alec Linstead, 76, an actor who once starred in Doctor Who, said Clinton would win.

“She is more democratic than Trump,” he said.


Desree Boyson, 36, predicted a Trump victory.

“The people who are voting for Trump are keeping quiet,” she said.

“My American friends say that Republicans will always vote for the Republican candidate no matter what.”

Her mother Marlene Rovich, 64, visiting from South Africa compared it to the unexpected Brexit vote.

“Like with Brexit, it will be older people who swing it,” she said.


Emily Sharp, 22, who works in finance, said: “Hopefully it will be Clinton, but it’s different what we want here versus what Americans want.

“We have enough problems of our own though.”

Michael Schumacher, 39, not a seven-time Formula One World Champion, said:

“Trump’s not doing anything to go outside his base.

“But like with Brexit, to increase the turnout you’ve got to focus on the things that people want, not the facts.”


Elaine Kennedy, 36, an Irish teacher trainer, said: “It’s likely Clinton will win, but a Trump victory is no more unlikely than Brexit.”

Her sister Fiona, 44, an award-winning baker visiting from Ireland said: “It may be redneck supporters that win it for him, although there’s a lot of white middle-class Americans backing him too.”


The most recent Gallup poll of how British people would vote if they could showed a resounding 64% for Clinton over 15% for Trump.

Featured image courtesy of ABC15 Arizona via YouTube, with thanks

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