PODCAST: The Tech Takeover – the pros and cons of tech during the pandemic

This podcast, entitled ‘The Tech Takeover’ will explore the role of technology throughout lockdown and discuss the pros and cons of the fact that technology has essentially taken over our lives.

Technology undoubtedly played a substantial role in most of our lives before the pandemic, however, throughout lockdown its importance in society has hugely increased.

It allows us to keep working, learning, and socialising, at a time when human-to-human contact is deemed dangerous.

The podcast will predominantly focus on how methods of education have changed throughout the pandemic, and what the rising use of technology from a young age will mean for children and students.

Dr Hester Duffy, a Senior Teaching Fellow from the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick, has also joined us to discuss her views on how technology has impacted both young and old children and what she believes this may mean going forward post-pandemic.

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