PODCAST: Duty-free? Travelling in a pandemic

While the travel industry has almost completely ground to a halt during the pandemic, some people are making the difficult decision to pack their bags.

Alice and Alex have been slowly travelling around Europe for months now.

They talk about how important it is to travel smart during the pandemic, and to take it on yourself to stay safe and responsible. 

Brexit is causing many to travel to preserve their immigration status.

Howie, a UK national, moved to Germany in December to maintain his right to work.

For others, their livelihood depends on tourism and travel. 

Eduardo, an experienced DJ living in Tulum, Mexico, claims to have caught coronavirus twice, but that hasn’t put him off. 

He now performs in villas and on private yachts, for the scores of people escaping to Tulum to take advantage of the comparatively laissez-faire restrictions.

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