A South London Carol: How Christmas traditions are being reshaped by the pandemic

When it comes to annual festivals recognised in the UK, there is none bigger than Christmas.

According to a YouGov poll from earlier this year, it is the UK’s second most popular national/religious event, with 79% popularity, coming just behind Remembrance Day.

It’s a festival steeped in tradition which goes beyond religious observance.

However, with many of these traditions impossible during the height of the second coronavirus wave in 2020, things had to change and priorities shifted.

Now as the Omicron variant adds a great deal of uncertainty to this year’s celebrations, the question has been as to whether we will ever get back to a normal Christmas.

So how different are our Christmas traditions during the pandemic?

To find out, read the full article here.

Featured image credit: “Picadilly lights” by James Petts is licensed with Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0). Creative Commons.

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