VIDEO: ‘This too shall pass’ – Church holds hope through pandemic

Churches have strived to support communities and spread a message of hope during the pandemic.

Places of worships have had to adhere to government regulations including the wearing of masks, social distancing and closing during lockdowns.

Yet many churches have provided online services to allow worship to continue as well as delivering talks in-person to those unable to use the internet.

Father Kevin Bell from All Hallows Parish Church in Twickenham said: “My faith is challenged by all of this, my strength as a human being is challenged by all of this.

“The Christian faith has been tried and tested for two thousand years and in all sorts of unspeakable situations and people have come through.

“As the saints say this too shall pass.”

However many churchgoers have missed the community and social support of the church as well as regular worship.

A churchgoer at All Hallows, Judith Sprouse, who described the church as her ‘lifesaver’, said: “I live on my own and it’s the one place where I come and meet all my friends.”

Watch below as Twickenham churchgoers tell South West Londoner what the church has meant to them during the pandemic.

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