VIDEO: Battersea opera singer brightens lockdown with garden concerts

From performing at the Royal Albert Hall to singing for troops in Afghanistan, Battersea opera singer Friederike Krum’s career has taken her all over the world.

But her latest performances have been closer to home.

Wanting to brighten the lockdown of her neighbours, the mezzo soprano has been holding concerts in her front garden since last summer.

Talking of the benefits of music, Krum told of how music has helped her stay sane throughout the lockdown.

“Music really gave me that outlet of releasing stress, tension and all of that,” she said.

“I am my own instrument so I can really literally let it go through my voice which is a really beautiful thing.”

GARDEN PERFORMANCES: SWL speaks to Battersea opera singer Friederike Krum about her lockdown concerts

As well as maintaining her own wellbeing, Krum’s concerts also helped bring hope to her neighbours.

“It was really quite amazing the magic that music has,” she explained.

“It brings us all together and I think that was the main message keeping us going, and myself to be honest. It was a lovely thing to have.”

Krum hopes that with the arrival of spring and warmer, dryer weather, she’ll be able to continue her concerts into 2021.

Despite the lack of theatre and live performances, she believes that the popularity of her garden concerts prove how vital music is to our happiness.

“I think that’s one of the lovely things, that we have kept the music going even though the music has been so hard hit by all of this,” she said.

“This outcry of actually how much people watched these online concerts showed how much we need music.”

While the music industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, Krum has used her creativity and positivity to continue doing what she loves. 

Taking advantage of the growing popularity of social media, Krum found fame on the karaoke app, Smule, dueting with Italian actor Bruno Maccallini.

The pair released a Christmas single in December and plan to go on tour in Germany in 2021/22.

Krum’s latest album, Somebody to Love – The Songs of Gershwin is also out now.

Featured image: Friederike Krum

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