PODCAST: Breadcast – Real Bread Week 2021

It’s Real Bread Week from 20 to 28 February and Breadcast is here to show you just how to make it special, by celebrating real bread, free from preservatives and industry nasties. 

Either join the lockdown rise in home baking or support your local – and often unsung –  “key worker” bakers. The very yeast you can do is buy a “bunch of flours” for someone special. 

Join your hosts Adam Solomons, Ryan Prosser, Naomi Clarke and Jessica Broadbent for a loafly adventure as we speak to “Real Bread” bakers, including Buzzing Bee Bakery in Wandsworth (roll up to their website to choose your own sourdough fillings delivered straight to your door in their Bread Week offer!). 

We also talk about some well-baked traditions, breads around the world, how celiacs discover their intolerances, and why France kneads to improve its bread standards for an offbread inspection! 

Anyway, enough of the stale jokes, just dough it and get involved! 

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