Must-have accessories for the ski season

It’s not easy to get the chance to ski! Once the snow melts, it’s gone for a long time. So make the most of it while you can.

Regardless of your level, one of the most important things about a ski holiday is looking the part – as long as you nail this, then the amount of times you fall over or how slow you go down the slope is almost irrelevant. You might not be able to ski like Cara Brown, but you can still have fun! Nothing quite beats a ski holiday: with the sun on your face, a hot winter drink like a mulled wine in hand, the fresh air and some breath-taking views.

Depending on where you ski, the standard of fashion is usually pretty high. And for some, a winter holiday is much more preferred over your standard beach holiday. So why not splash out on a few ski essentials that will certainly make you stand out on the slopes? We’ve put together a list of a few must-haves to put on your wish list. The beauty about this list is not only the style points each item adds, but also the practicality points too.

The impact of eyewear

Choosing the right eyewear for you is essential, whether its goggles, sunglasses, lenses, or prescription glasses suited to sports, one of the first things someone will notice during your aprés-ski is your eyewear. Not only is it a serious fashion statement, but you will also be totally blinded by the sun reflecting off all that powdery white snow. Whether searching online on a platform like Edel Optics or visiting your local high street, there is no shortage of suitable winter eyewear to suit all styles and preferences.

The trusty hat

Skiing without a hat is virtually impossible and it is because of this that there is such a wide variety of ski hats out there: from fun and funky to sophisticated and chic. The right ski hat will not only protect you from the cold, but it will also prevent your scalp from getting sunburnt. Although ski holidays are known for minus temperatures, ice, and snow, the sun can be equally as menacing if you’re not wearing the right protection against it. The trusty hat is also an excellent way to show some unique flair or personality – go wild!

Fits like a glove

Everyone has something to say about the right glove for skiing, but what it really comes down to is your preference. From mittens to regular gloves, shell material to insulation, there is a whole world of gloves out there that you may not yet be familiar with. Switchback Travel has some good advice on finding the best gloves. Dive in and choose the right style for you.

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