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How to create flippin’ fantastic south west London-themed pancakes

Ahead of Shrove Tuesday tomorrow, here at SWL we have put together a few south west London themed crepes to pep up your pancakes.

Pancakes are supposed to be the last indulgences before the restraint of Lent so we’ve loaded up our buttery crepes with a selection of mouth-watering modifications to pay homage to our home towns.

Strawberries and cream go together like Wimbledon and tennis, this deliciously summery dish is a long-standing treat at the tournament so we’d be at fault to leave it out.

For this dish we recommend real strawberries but as they’re scarce at this time of year you can make do with a good quality strawberry jam – just make sure you’re using real whipped cream and not the stuff from a can.

Next up is the original Made In Chelsea, before it was taken over by glossy 20-somethings, the humble Chelsea bun dates back to the 18th Century – totes old! – and was born at Bun House.

Our Chelsea Bun-themed pancake is infused with flavours of cinnamon, sugar and currants to replicate the famous baked goodies.

Feedback from the SWL kitchen showed that currants might be best added into the batter before cooking!

Finally in dedication to Parsons Green we created a savoury pancake filled with lovely fresh spinach to reflect the greenery of the area and of south west London as a whole.

And just to add a bit more to the Parsons Green pancake we popped a fried egg inside to create a winning combination.

Whatever your pancake preference, from simple sugar and lemon to thick spreadings of Nutella or a savoury, cheesy crepe for dinner, we’re sure you’ll flip out over our scrumptious SWL fillings.

Picture courtesy of Young Sok Yun 윤영석, with thanks

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