COMMENT: Does Social media and phone consumption harm our relationships?

Gone are the days where our phones didn’t come into the equation. 

The advances in technology have allowed us to be closer to people further away but also extremely distant in people’s presence. 

During Covid we saw the surge in internet consumption. According to an Ofcom study, in April 2020, during lockdown, it was found that UK adults spent a daily average of four hours and two minutes online. 

This has gone up from just under three and a half hours in September the previous year. These numbers have increased and the use of social media has risen as well with streaming platforms like Twitch having a huge increase in viewers and TikTok becoming one of the biggest platforms in recent years. 

Often people feel distant in their own life as these moments on Instagram are often just a glimpse into some kind of perceived reality, often not real.

With the world slowly going back to normality as all Covid restrictions have been lifted, the desire to be social is often faced with fear as a lot of people have been isolated for long periods of time. 

To adjust back to normalcy is extremely hard for people. As work at home has stopped people from interacting in the office and how some people prefer that and not to leave the comfort of their home and still get their work done. A lot of things have changed due to the pandemic and this has become the new normal.

Everyday interactions feel quite draining as your social battery is not intact the way that it used to be. 

Some have taken this change as a way to be grateful that things are getting better but for others it has been quite a harrowing time. Ways to meet people increase online as apps like Tinder and Bumble continue to rise in popularity

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