A Christmas Mystery: 222 bus in John Lewis ad doesn’t go to Tooting

The Covid edition of John Lewis’ annual Christmas advert has left some viewers divided this year, with Tooting residents asking questions about the featured 222 bus route. 

The ad demonstrates small acts of kindness sparking a heartfelt chain reaction, inspired by random acts of kindness during lockdown this year. 

After a little girl has her glasses fixed by a stranger, she is seen to get off a bus which reads ‘222 Tooting’.

Eagle-eyed viewers have pointed out the 222 runs from Uxbridge to Hounslow – and does not go anywhere near Tooting. 

A possible answer to the ‘222 Tooting’ question is the number 222 is commonly related to cooperation and being in harmony with yourself and others around you – it apparently reflects growth in life.

There are speculations this number was selected in keeping with the kindness theme.

Yet, this still would not solve why Tooting was selected with this number, when it does not feature on the bus route.

FESTIVE MYSTERY: Why combine the number 222 bus with Tooting?

While the name ‘Tooting’ is of Anglo-Saxon origin, the meaning is disputed. 

It could be derived from an old meaning of the verb to tout, which is to look out.

The combination of the bus number 222, and the name Tooting reminding people to ‘look out’, highlights the clear theme of this year’s John Lewis ad: look out for opportunities to perform acts of kindness, and a chain of harmony will be triggered.

Tooting’s residents can now rest assured this Christmas mystery is solved.

This isn’t the first time the John Lewis Christmas ad has raised eyebrows, but the adverts are generally beloved.

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