Made in Chelsea star Sophie Hermann on digital dating dilemmas

Digital dating has been the main source for meeting someone new this past year, but virtual courting isn’t always the smoothest ride.

Talking while on mute, screens freezing, being interrupted and even recognising someone you live with are some of the top embarrassing moments experienced on lockdown dates, according to research by Extra Gum.

Despite these dating faux pas, it seems the younger generation of Brits have a sense of humour with 51% of 18–24-year-olds saying they would laugh it off if something embarrassing happened to them on their digital date.

In fact, these embarrassing moments are bringing us together, as 66% ended up in a relationship with the person who witnessed their awkward moment.

Additionally, 30% admitted previous awkward moments have been due to their lack of confidence and over half said their dating disasters will always haunt them.

Made in Chelsea star Sophie Hermann has had a different kind of lockdown dating experience, featuring on Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion.

Sophie said: “The best way to deal with embarrassing moments while dating digitally is to laugh them off.

“See it as a bonding experience.”

Over two-thirds of eligible Gen Z bachelors and bachelorettes, aren’t letting a global pandemic get in their way when it comes to finding love, and a third are planning to get their dating mojo back in 2021.

Sophie shared her top tips for getting back into dating post pandemic.

She said: “My top advice is to lay your cards on the table and do not worry about coming across as too confident.

“If someone cannot handle your confidence, they are not for you.”

So will Summer 2021 be the summer of love?

Gen Z’s Top 10 embarrassing virtual dating moments:

1.            Talking for a long time whilst on mute (29%)

2.            Awkward silences (24%)

3.            The date cut the call short and blamed their Wi-Fi connection (23%)

4.            Talking at the same time as the other person (18%)

5.            A housemate or family member interrupted the date (18%)

6.            A fire alarm has gone off (16%)

7.            Spilling a drink down yourself (16%)

8.            My screen froze (13%)

9.            My date’s screen froze (13%)

10.          Recognising someone you live with (13%)

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