Poker terms explained: How to understand the game

Have you ever logged onto an online casino site and browsed the poker games available, but never clicked on them to play?

Is one of the reasons why you haven’t played due to the fact that you have no idea about poker, or the words and phrases used within the games?

Well, no need to fear browsing the poker casino games for UK players at Griffon Casino, for example, as we are about to delve into some of the terms, words and phrases used in poker.

This will give you a better understanding of the lingo used within games, played both online and in your local brick-and-mortar casino establishment.

Scroll to join us and get to grips with some poker lingo.

ABC Poker

A term used to describe a game played that’s a basic and predictable variant of poker.

Add On

This term is used to describe an additional amount of chips that players can purchase at a specific time during a poker tournament.


A term used to define a player that raises frequently in gameplay.


This is the term given to the mandatory stake that’s required by each player at the start of the game, in order to be dealt cards into their hand.

Back Door

This term refers to when a hand is made using the final two cards dealt.

Back Hand

The term is given to the first hand that consists of five cards and is required to be the strongest of the player’s three hands.

Bad Beat

This term refers to a losing hand that was once favoured to win.


A term used to describe when a bet is placed into a pot on multiple streets.


When this term is used it refers to when a player holds a hand that isn’t likely to beat their opponent’s hand.


This term refers to when a player makes a play that represents holding a strong hand, when in actual fact, their hand is weak and shows no sign or chance of winning the game.

Bluff Catcher

A term used to describe a hand that can only bet a bluff.


A term used to describe a card that doesn’t help anyone’s hand.

Bring In

A term that refers to when a player makes the first bet of the first round of a hand.


This term refers to when a hand is comprised of an ace-high straight.


A term used to describe when a player raises.


A term used to describe an action taken to match the current bet requirement in play.

Calling Station

This term refers to a player that constantly calls.

Chip and a Chair

A phrase used to describe when a player with one remaining chip has the potential to still win a tournament/game.


A term used to describe when a pot is shared out amongst all remaining players in the hand or tournament.

Now you know a little more about some of the terms and phrases used in a game of Poker, will you be heading to a Poker table any time soon?

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