City Lit celebrated its 26th Deaf Day in April. In it, the Deaf Mosaic showcased five photographers and their latest work on their perspectives of the Deaf experience.

WATCH: An inside look into Deaf culture with City Lit Deaf Day

City Lit marked its 26th Deaf Day in April, an annual event celebrating Deaf culture and giving a platform to deaf voices.

The event has grown from a handful of stalls to hosting hundreds of people and dozens of companies and workshops in the 30 years since its founding.

One of the stalls making the most buzz was 999 BSL, a free video relay service which allows deaf people to make their own emergency phone calls without having to find a hearing person to do it for them, avoiding wasted time better spent sending out emergency personnel.

Photographer Stephen Iliffe showcased his latest work in the Deaf Mosaic, which he created three years ago.

He described how he captures deaf artists such as sign language singer Kevin Walker, known as Signkid, and his expressive and powerful movements whilst performing.

Head of the Centre for Deaf Education Mark Hopkinson explained how the event aims to introduce deaf people to potentially life-saving technology and support, and give the Deaf community a space to celebrate each other as well as to get hearing people involved.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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