A woman, Ruxy, playing a piano and singing.

Tips, tricks, and targets of an upcoming musician

There’s a new generation of musicians on the rise in London. Ruxy Barabas Brancoveanu, a student at the World Heart Beat Academy, shared what it is like to be an up and coming artist at 17.

Having already performed at major venues like the 606 Jazz Club and the Embassy Gardens, Ruxy undoubtedly has what it takes to be a star. 

Brancoveanu has loved music since she was very little, but it was only five years ago she started taking her passion seriously. 

As a part of the nationally recognised music academy World Heart Beat, she has performed in many shows she isn’t feeling anxious.

Brancoveanu said: “I’m excited but I’ve kind of gotten used to it, I’ve been here for almost four years.” 

“I think it’s also good that we’re less prepared because everyone kind of learns to go with the flow and improvise.” 

Even with her talented musical capabilities, she still battles with the pressures of being a student and fluctuating levels of confidence. 

At such a young age, the journey into the music industry has not been simple- often with crescendos and diminuendos in success.

Going into a massively oversaturated and tense creative field like music has meant she tends to avoid incorporating her own personal situations into her music – instead Brancoveanu said: ”I’m making up these stories and creating a song about it.”

Although she is young, Brancoveanu has started to pave her way to stardom by taking up producing responsibilities as well as developing her own set of creative skills. 

These responsibilities, coupled with her instrumental talents makes her an extremely versatile artist all of which has helped to prepare her for a breakthrough in the industry. 

A woman, Ruxy, stood at a microphone and singing

At the age of 17, Brancoveanu has been a part of major community events such as the ‘Nine Elms Music Video’ project in Wandsworth which, when looking back on it, she said was a nice and enjoyable experience, especially the filming part. 

Between helping with fundraisers, charity performances and workshops – she’s proving to be an unstoppable force. 

Her experiences extend beyond just performing, projects like these put her miles ahead in her career.

When speaking about future plans and aspirations, Brancoveanu said collaborating with Adele is her dream, and when asked where she sees her career in the next five years, despite her acknowledgment of the difficulties of acquiring fame, she hopes for success within the music industry. 

Brancoveanu said: “In five years, I hope to have my own albums and concerts.” 

She is very keen on releasing her own songs and is already in the process of doing so with her producer, even after confessing her struggles in song-writing.

 In spite of this, she is constantly persevering and practising, in order to perfect this difficult art. 

Brancoveanu advises those in her age demographic who are interested in taking music to a professional level to pursue the music career early, as it is ‘better now than later’, going on to say how this is the prime time for creativity and engaging in an ambitious mindset. 

Branching off what she said previously, less practice often opens up more opportunities for creativity. We can see why this is something Brancoveanu would prefer.

Regardless of the difficulties the Covid-19 pandemic reaped on us all, Brancoveanu continued to develop her musical skill set, taking part in online concerts. 

After being questioned on the differences between these online concerts, such as the American Culture Weekend and the in-person performances she has also engaged in, like the 606 Jazz Club, Brancoveanu identified the online concerts as far less stressful. 

Brancoveanu said: “It felt like rehearsing normally.”

Therefore, Brancoveanu’s pure determination, even through difficulties, shows her talent is clearly palpable, even through the screen. 

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