orleans house gallery exterior

Orleans House Gallery annual Christmas shopping weekend to help the maker community

Over the weekend, Orleans House Gallery hosted a Christmas Shopping Weekend to help promote independent creators and to proudly present the historical building.

Located on Twickenham’s riverfront, the gallery aims to create an accessible place for creators to interact and network with the nearby maker community.

The event was oversubscribed this year as many small businesses have struggled with the challenges from COVID-19.

One of the stall holders said: “It’s so difficult to make contact with other people unless you’re doing it face to face.

“I think it’s really important that everyone shops sustainably and locally as it supports the community.”

Orleans House Gallery showcases the art from several vendors from the surrounding boroughs all year round.

Stuart, who had a stall in the Stables gallery, said: “This is a great way to get your name out and for people to see what you do so it’s really important.”

The Gallery provides opportunities for vendors to have their work on show and for the venue to always have a fully stocked shop.

The weekend included a variety of art activities for the children to enjoy alongside a cafe for those disinterested in shopping.

To provide entertainment, the event spotlighted some live music from art organisations based in surrounding boroughs.

Across the weekend there were 40 vendors who aimed to sell and promote their business.

Robert Hilton, founder of Hilton Hams said: “They get to understand where else you sell to so they can see you again which I have had before from the Orleans House Gallery.”

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