VIDEO: Painting South Bank green via a carbon-absorbing graffiti mural

London’s South Bank has been painted green via a graffiti art mural created using carbon-absorbing paints.

French graffiti artist and graphic designer Nerone painted a mural on the South Bank by the River Thames that will absorb about 1.3kg of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

According to data from the European Environment Agency, the mural will absorb approximately the same amount a mature tree would absorb in around three weeks.

Nerone, who has been producing striking pieces outdoors for more than 20 years, collaborated on the project with Lindeman’s, which is celebrating achieving its carbon neutral certification through the Carbon Trust.

Lindeman’s has gifted its London-based carbon-absorbing graffiti mural to Sydenham Arts, a charity organisation which presents creative events, workshops and programmes year-round at the Sydenham Centre, where the piece will take pride of place in its foyer.

Sydenham Arts’ managing director James Hodgson explained: “The piece will also feature in our ever-popular Artists Trail event from September 11-19 this year, which features over 50 local artists and many more young artists.

“Sydenham Arts will also be presenting a number of events as part of 2022’s Lewisham London Borough of Culture, which focuses on securing a sustainable future for our environment.

“The piece will be a fitting edition to the borough alongside these themes.” 

SWL went along to watch the mural being painted on London’s South Bank

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