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Five Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Bored of the basic body wash sets? Is her favourite perfume out stock? No more room for another mug? Well here’s 5 unique gift ideas for this Mother’s Day.

Noah’s Box Pottery Starter Kit

For all the crafting mothers in the hunt for a new hobby, Noah’s Box Pottery Starter Kit has got you covered.

The kit contains all the pieces needed for a cosy night of pottery making including: premium air-drying clay, an eight-piece toolset, a selection of paints and vanish.

A Pottery Guide is provided containing instructions on pottery building, joining techniques, and how to use different tools.

Video guides are available to help create your pottery masterpiece, so this is perfect for any skill level with no prior experience needed.

A GQ review said: ‘’It’s one of our favourite all-time gifts for someone who’s into their art.’’

Noah’s Starter Kits offer curated boxes filled with high quality items packed together and delivered directly to your doorstep, so there’s no need to even leave the house.

Whether you’re creating a new jewellery dish or you’re making your own sculpture, this kit of creation is the perfect gift for any mother wishing to swap their phone for clay helping them unwind through a state of creative mindfulness.

Moonpig Personalised Video Card

Sometimes the simple gifts are the ones that mean the most, so why not surprise your loved ones by adding a video to a Moonpig card of your choice at no extra cost.

Find the perfect design for your mother then create a video using any video editing apps, most phones have free apps available to use, then upload the video to Moonpig.

Moonpig will print the card with a QR code inside and post it to you. Simply scan the QR code to rewatch memories with your loved ones.

Pair this video-card with chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or gift an experience you can do with your mother later in the year.

So why not go back to basics with a simple yet effective personalised video-card from Moonpig to celebrate this Mothering Sunday.

Cutter & Squidge Afternoon Tea at Home

Does your mother have a sweet tooth? Make her feel extra special with afternoon tea from the comfort of her own home with Cutter & Squidge’s Afternoon Tea Box filled with sweet treats.

If you want push the boat out, get the box with a bottle of bubbles!

All the boxes are 100% vegetarian, Halal friendly and have a 7-day shelf life but is best eaten within 2-3 days after delivery.

Each box contains: buttery scones with fruit jam and clotted cream, coffee break blondies, and strawberry shortcake loaves which has all been handmade in a London-based bakery.

As your mother puts her feet up she can wash down these indulgent treats with a cup Cutter & Squidge’s freshly brewed loose leaf English Breakfast tea.

Each box is kept fresh with ice packs upon delivery, but ensure warming up instructions are followed to get the most out of these delicious goodies.

An anonymous customer review said: “I brought this for my mother, she absolutely loved it and it made a change from other typical presents.’’

Unwind on Mothering Sunday with premium bakes and bubbles delivered right to your home.

Bloom & Wild Flowers

Every mother deserves a bouquet on this special day and Bloom & Wild have got you covered from bud to bloom.

Their hand-tied bouquets have been especially arranged, each stem is unique with variety of colours to ensure every mother has the best bouquet for the special day.

All flowers are delivered in 100% compostable and recyclable materials, so this both a gift to your mother and for the environment.

Alternatively for any aspiring florists, letterbox flowers are available to those Mother’s that wish to relish and relax in the process of flower arranging their own bouquet.

An anonymous review said: ‘’A beautiful, colourful display of extraordinary ornamental flowers, they arrived fresh, on time and were greatly appreciated.’’

Pair these Flower’s with a vase, some truffle chocolates, or some bubbles for the perfect gift.

From Carnations, Roses, and Daphne’s to Lilies and Tulips there truly is a bunch for everyone. Celebrate your mother with creations from the planet we all call home.

White Company Electric Diffuser

If your mum loves a pamper then this is the White Company Electric Diffuser is the perfect gift.

Whether it’s bath-time, morning-time, or bedtime this bestselling electric diffuser is the ultimate self-care essential and is the perfect luxurious gift for Mother’s Day.

In a beautiful ceramic design that sits perfectly in anywhere, this diffuser scents any room with a single button while hydrating the air around you.

The diffuser settings allows users to choose how long the scent will be released for, automatically shutting of afterwards.

Pair the diffuser with the White Company’s fragrance oils to fill spaces with captivating smells such as Lime and Bay to Grapefruit and Mandarin.

An anonymous review said: ‘’The diffuser has an elegant design, it’s a beautiful way to fragrance your home.’’

Enhance your mums pampering experience this Mother’s Day with this diffusers indulgent fragrances, relaxing anyone who enters the room.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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