Mo-vellous! Fan-tache-tic Movember effort from News Associates mo bros

From shy stubble to heroic handlebars – our News Associates sports journalists tackled Movember head on to raise awareness for men’s health.

Thirty tache-tickling days later and our mo bros are back in front of the camera showcasing their mo-vellous efforts.

While some can be admired for their gallant efforts, others faced a tougher challenge in the battle of the facial hair.

Tache-team leader Will Moulton said: “I thought all the guys did a great job.

“There were some superb efforts and some not so good, but we all had fun and have hopefully raised awareness of the issue of men’s mental health.”

will-moultonBEFORE: Will backed his mo-growing efforts from the start

Will added: “A special mention must go to Alasdair and Jackson.

“They got a lot of stick throughout the month but stuck with it, even if what they managed to grow was pretty much invisible to the human eye.”

will-moulton-2AFTER: He handled the challenge well

Jackson Cole said: “I may not have grown a recognisable tache but I hope I’ve encouraged more men who are insecure about their lack of facial hair to come out of their shell.”

jackson-coleBEFORE: Jackson hoped this lairy shirts would distract people from his lack of moustache

jackson-cole-2AFTER: They didn’t

Alasdair said: “While my efforts were not totally appreciated by everyone, I was very pleased with the moustache I managed to grow.

“It may have been faint but it was still more prominent that the West Ham defence.”

alasdair-hooperBEFORE: Baby-faced and proud

alasdair-hooper-2AFTER: Baby-faced and less proud

Movember veteran Michael Morris said: “I think Magnum P.I would have been proud of me. We almost look like brothers.

“Now I just need to perm my hair, get some contact lenses, buy a cool Hawaiian shirt, get a sun tan and spend four hours a day working out …easy.”

michael-morrisBEFORE: Michael always knew he could do it

michael-morris-2AFTER: Anyone lost a caterpillar?

Martin Voller said: “Jackson and Alasdair’s attempts were utter feeble, they should be ashamed of themselves.

“Mikey and Harry did the best but some should have kept a tache and not grown a beard.”

martin-vollerBEFORE: Martin hoped growing a tache would stop people confusing him with Will

martin-voller-2AFTER: It didn’t work

Martin added: “I thought I might look a bit daft growing a moustache and in all honesty I was asked recently ‘What is that above your lip’ but I’ve actually quite enjoyed it and despite appeals from my family to shave it off, I might keep it.”

harry-howesBEFORE: Harry dreamed of looking like his idol Ron Jeremy

harry-howes-2AFTER: We think it looks a bit creepy 

Dan Blackham said: “Movember was a fun way to raise awareness for a serious topic and I look forward to an even better attempt next year.”

danBEFORE: Raring to go…

dan-blackham-2AFTER: A bit thin on the top lip

Unfortunately there was one victim to the razor as George Dabby shaved within the first fifteen days.

George said: “I failed my Movember challenge miserably.

“It’s a great cause and I wish I could have done better.

“At least it’s saved me the embarrassment of having what would look like a mangled street cat on my upper lip.”

george-dabbyBEFORE: Little did George know what was to come

george-dabby-2AFTER: Couldn’t keep up with the hairy challenge 

Altogether the boys raised £315 and would like to thank everyone who donated to the cause and to all the friends and family who had to suffer through the embarrassment of the furry caterpillar.

You can still donate to Team NA’s fundraising page here.

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