Not your average film screenings: Meet the charitable cinema with a difference

Ever thought you might want to watch a film in a cemetery? If so then a unique cinema experience roaming throughout London this summer might just be for you.

The Nomad Cinema hosts films of all genres and ages in beautiful locations across the capital and gives 100% of its profits to a charity called The Sustainability Institute (S.I.), which improves the quality of life for many families in South Africa.

The unique locations include Brompton Cemetery, CityPoint and Hyde Park Lido and managing director Rachel Morrison said: “The events are the opportunity to really engage with a new space, engage with new environments.

“There’s something really magical about being in a space that wouldn’t ordinarily be a cinema, and doing something amazing for charity.”

The company’s emphasis on community and giving back is also evident – whether it’s from the volunteers at the events or from the work that the charity does.

The S.I. work to create a sustainable living and learning centre in rural Stellenbosch, which is around 25 miles away from Cape Town.

Some of the projects that the cinema has contributed to include a creche, solar power and water management systems and after-school clubs for young people.

Volunteers are a huge part of The Nomad Cinema’s success, particularly when it comes to event days.

Rachel said: “We have an amazing volunteer programme, we have some really dedicated, big-hearted people.”

She said that the volunteers are a variety of ages and they come from all walks of life.

If people want to get involved with the volunteer programme they can apply online.

The Nomad Cinema is hosting a variety of film events across London until mid-September and a full programme can be found here.

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