What Makes 32Red Casinos Different?

As any quick Google search will tell you, if you want to play casino games online, there is no shortage of options. Not only that, at first glance they all look very similar, so you might be tempted to just click on the first option in the search results (which is usually an advert by the way) and get started.

However, by doing a quick bit of research, you might find that they are not all the same, and there are defining features that set some apart from the others. So, this article will be looking 32Red and how it differs from other UK online casinos.

32Red is part of a larger group

Anyone who is trusting their money and data to a company will want to know they are legit and have the resources to invest in good security for their client accounts. 32Red is part of Kindred Group Plc (which also owns Unibet), they are licensed in the UK and Gibraltar and 32Red casinos can be played in Canada as well as other countries around the world.

They also have a blog with news updates

Many online casinos are all about directing you to the games, but the 32Red website, as well as being easy to use (more on that next) has an attached blog that has in-depth articles about the latest developments in gambling, the new games that are available (listing all the benefits) and news affecting sporting events (sports betting is a service 32Red also offer).

They have an intuitive and easy-to-use website

Anyone that has used an online casino will tell you that they all broadly share the same layout – but 32Red uses this design and doesn’t overtax the user’s eyes with elaborate graphics. Promotions and incentives are clearly displayed and even brand-new users will know what is going on. This is very different from many other sites which try and get as much in front of the player’s eyes as soon as possible, which can be distracting and off-putting.

They have a range of games on offer, including exclusives

This extends to finding games easily among a very large roster. These will include many of the games that players can find at other online casinos, but there is also a range of games that are exclusive to 32Red. These are both slots and table games, with some of the titles being tie-ins to TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, I’m a Celebrity, and Game of Thrones.

They have an extensive help centre and 24/7 support

New users especially are going to need help at the start with either some of the games or with the basic admin of the site in terms of deposits and withdrawals. What sets 32Red apart here is the size of the Help Centre which means many users will find their answers there without needing to contact support, and it also displays any known issues and how they are being solved.

Final thoughts

All online casinos are competing with each other, and for that reason, exclusive features don’t tend to stay that way for long. However, 32Red has an easy-to-use website, exclusive games, help for new players and the backing of a large company, which, when all put together, makes it different from many others.

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