Hairy situation: SW Londoner reporters ditch razors for Movember charity challenge

Remember, remember the ‘tashes of Movember, handlebar, pencil and ‘chops, our reporters see no reason why facial hair treason should e’er be forgot.

It’s that time of year again, a band of brave SW Londoner reporters have dared to bare their faces and compete to see who can grow the most luxurious facial foliage.

This is no vanity project, the boys are downing razors to raise money for the Movember Foundation – a global charity with men’s health and wellbeing at its heart.

Mathieu Wood, Ross Lawson, James Johnston and David Marsh presented fresh faces at the beginning of the month to level the playing field before their mane challenge began.

‘French’ Mathieu usually sports a smattering of c’est chic designer stubble but bares his all ahead of the charity drive.

French Mathiew Movember first pic
GRIM-FACED: ‘French’ Mathieu takes it on the chin

The takeover of the month formerly known as November aims to create positive change, making every moustachioed man an advocate for openness around men’s health.

The fresh-faced baby of the group, Ross Lawson, reluctantly took a selfie to show off his clean-cut good looks.

Ross Lawson Movember first pic
SELF-CONSCIOUS SELFIE: Ross reluctantly poses

Movember not only raises money for diseases affecting men, such a testicular and prostate cancers, but also for men’s mental health.

Although NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) found that less men are treated for mental illnesses like depression, than women this is down to misdiagnose or men hiding their distress.

James Johnston give his best Zoolander blue steel look, staring down competitors in the fight of the fuzz.

James Johnston Movember first pic
CLOSE SHAVE: James abandoned his trademark beard

Welshman David Marsh is bristling with competitive spirit as he represents Cymru at South West Londoner’s moustachathon.

David Marsh Movember first pic
SMOOTH OPERATOR: David hopes his pout distracts from his naked face

The Movember movement has been gathering momentum since 2003 when two friends having a drink in Queensland, Australia, decided to bring the moustache back into fashion.

You can donate to the team’s Movember efforts here and keep up-to-date with the progress of our intrepid reporters throughout the month with pictures and updates as they try, and fail, to grow impressive facial hair.

Featured picture courtesy of Brad Hammonds, with thanks

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