Christmas Eve jingle bell event to help Santa fly his sleigh and spread joy

Communities in south west London and Surrey will take part in a worldwide Christmas Eve jingle bell event to spread joy after lockdown.

Those taking part will stand on their doorsteps and ring a bell for two minutes at 6pm on 24th December with some singing carols.

Residents in Egham and Pooley Green showed enthusiasm when the event was shared to their community group on 23rd October by Royal Holloway administrator Tracey Jeffries, 53.

Jeffries said: “It’s a nice follow on from the clap for carers which brought people together and got them out of their houses.

“We can end 2020 with a bit of magic, hope and togetherness!”

Residents in Battersea, Teddington and Walton on Thames also said their streets were planning on taking part in the Christmas Eve jingle bell event.

CHRISTMAS CHEER: Leanne Cornelius Creates on Etsy is selling jingle bells designed especially for the event

The ‘Worldwide Christmas Eve Jingle 2020 6pm GMT’ Facebook event amassed over 500,000 responses in just one week.

The idea started with Mary Breggs-Reid, 41, an estate manager from Harrogate.

Breggs-Reid said it came from the movie Elf in which characters sing to provide Christmas spirit to fuel Santa’s sleigh.

She added: “It has been the craziest week ever, everyone wants to join in.

“I think that’s because it brings everyone together and it is an event that no matter what happens with COVID will not be cancelled.

CHRISTMAS ISN’T CANCELLED: Facebook group member Kerry Evrem posted a picture of the pyjamas she plans to wear during the event

“I have had some wonderful messages from people that have been alone for months, the group has provided them with a connection to the world.

“Our kids do not have many great memories of 2020 but when they are old and grey I hope they can say one Christmas Eve in 2020 something magical happened”

Breggs-Reid has two children, Eva Jean, 14, and Dexter, 10, who cannot wait for Christmas Eve and have their bells ready.

SANTA’S HELPER: Mary Breggs-Reid hopes for the event to spread all around the world

She said she wanted to give people, especially children, the feeling that we all have each other no matter what happens or how hard things get.

Members of the Facebook group have also been posting pictures of Christmas trees and decorations they have put up early.

The event has so far reached as far as Australia and America.

Will you be taking part in the Christmas Eve jingle? Let us know!

Featured image credit: Kathryn Walker

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