Review: Theatre 503’s Wolfie will make you laugh and cry with its exploration of love, friendship, grief, and loss

Twins sadly separated at birth pull at your heartstrings as they fight to survive in the world in Theatre 503’s latest play Wolfie.

The play begins with an introduction to the twins at their birth, A played by Sophie Melville and Z played by Erin Doherty.

The twins eagerly wait to be born and dance with joy to meet and cuddle their mother. Sadly, their mother dies at their birth and they are taken away to live with a bony man and soggy woman.

The soggy woman is depressed and lies in the bath and asks the bony man to dispose of one of the twins. There is a frightening scene where A is taken to the forest and the bony man tries to kill her. Fortunately, a maternal wolf saves her and then raises, loves and protects her.

A lives happily with the wolf and learns to hunt for food. However, she worries about her sister and dreads the day that the woodpecker will arrive.  The woodpecker arrives and she has to fall from the sky to live independently and adjust into a human world that she does not understand.

Sadly, Z is left to raise herself and has the responsibility of taking care of the soggy woman. With a lot of sparkle and love inside her Z desperately tries to make the soggy woman happy and bring back her sparkle so that she might show her some love. Thankfully, a chemistry teacher takes Z under her wing and makes her feel loved and teaches her to fight and never loose her own sparkle.

Wolfie is fantastical fairytale wonderfully written by award-winning playwright Ross Willis and brilliantly directed by Lisa Spirling.

Actresses Sophie Melville and Erin Doherty give outstanding performances.  They play not only the twins, but also play a variety of other characters like the bony man, the woodpecker, the chemistry teacher and a tree.

Wolfie is a fresh and energetic play that captures your attention from start to finish. The play gives an insight into love, friendship, grief, and loss and stirs up a variety of human emotions inside of you. As you watch the resilient twins fight to survive in the world you really do laugh and cry.

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