David Beckham lookalike agency boss serves up double ace with Andy Murray doppelganger

With his 6ft frame, tousled brown hair and sparkling tennis whites you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the presence of tennis royalty.

But for 32-year-old Scott Millar it’s just another day in the life in his life as an Andy Murray lookalike.

Relatively new to the professional lookalike scene Scott, from Hackney Wick, has endured years of double-takes and people staring open-mouthed at him as he walks down the street or stops off for a pint in a pub.

Scott told SW Londoner that he gets stopped every day by people genuinely convinced he’s the Wimbledon 2013 champion.

GAME FACE: ‘Murray’ serves a pint down his Wimbledon local

“I’ve had people saying I look like him for years. Someone said I should sign up to a lookalike agency – I told them not to be silly, I already had a full-time job.”

But when David Beckham lookalike legend Andy Harmer and founder of agency Lookalikes issued a request looking for Murray’s double the production engineer answered his call.

He said: “He’s a bit skinner than me but it’s my side profile that really gets people turning around and sneaking a couple of looks at me.”

Originally from Northern Ireland, Scott studied in Edinburgh so had an opportunity to work on Murray’s dulcet tones.

“People assume that because I’m called Scott I’m actually Scottish. I usually laugh it off – I’ve heard it all before!”

Scott visited the legendary SW19 venue for the first time last year to watch an evening match and was apprehensive about how people would react.

“You know what? Not a single person said anything!” he laughed.

Asked whether he would take his chances and see if he could convince officials that he was the real deal, he admitted that it’s not something he’s tried yet.

TRAINING HARD: Putting those last few sessions in before hitting the tournament

He said: “I would need to lose a lot of weight and do a lot of training, I’ve been injured for the last few months so I’ve not been able to do anything.

“I would need to be in shape and be better at tennis!”

This week Scott had his first lookalike booking pulling pints at the Swan in Wimbledon.

When asked about his inaugural gig he revealed he was as nervous as his doppelganger must be when he steps onto Centre Court.

“It was very nerve-wracking,” he admitted. “I’ve done a few auditions for TV and I work in production so I know that world.

“If you’re going for an acting gig or doing a job on a photo shoot you are performing even as yourself – all I’m doing is looking like someone.”

While Murray’s estimated net worth is an eye-watering £51million, Scott’s budget is distinctly smaller.

“I needed to buy tennis shoes for the shoot so I went into a shoe shop and asked for the cheapest pair of Adidas trainers they had.”

BOTTOMS UP! The Wimbledon 2013 champion flashes a grin for the camera

Reassuringly when Scott stepped into the Wimbledon pub he had a few punters shout out that he looked like the star.

“Some guy had just been down to see Murray practise before he came to the pub,” he explained.

“He took a second look and told me ‘you could probably walk down now and you’d be inundated with fans.”

Scott’s job was to pull a few pints, flash a rare Murray smile and throw down the tennis gauntlet by competing in a swingball challenge – something he described as ‘good fun’.

SWING WHEN YOU’RE WINNING: Murray trounces the opposition

Scott kept his first gig a secret from his parents back in Northern Ireland until the photos came out.

He said: “I didn’t know how it was all going to turn out so when I saw the shots I told them to Google my name and Murray’s.

“My mum laughed so much – my parents know what I’m like!”

With Murray enjoying his first Wimbledon as a married man, is Scott now looking for his very own Kim?

“My girlfriend joked she was going to get a wig. I was going to ask Kate Middleton to go to the tennis with me but she’s a bit busy being some kind of royal!”

Scott’s looking forward to getting involved in more lookalike work and would love to meet his sporting idol.

PERFECT SERVE: Scott pours a pint during the shoot

He said: “As a fellow sportsman I’ve watched Murray’s trials and tribulations – I would be pretty happy to call it a day if I got to shake his hand and have a photo with him!”

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