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Volvic’s new ‘Peri Cooler’ set to be the DIY drink of the summer

Volvic has unveiled its new and refreshingly tasty summer drink recipe, the Peri Cooler, that is set to take over TikTok due to its unique and beautiful colour and fun recipe that everyone will want to make at home. 

 Derived from the Volvic Touch of Fruit flavoured water, the Peri Cooler follows in the footsteps of the Volvic ‘Pink Drink’ which generated over 400m views on TikTok alone. 

Taking inspiration from Pantone’s hottest colour of the year, Very Peri, and created in partnership with Colour Expert, Tash Bradley and leading Mixologist Francesco Braun, the deliciously refreshing new summer drink fuses periwinkle tones of lilac, red, purple and green – colours known to evoke certain emotions.

The #PeriCooler drink is fun to make and due to the unique colour, is set to dominate the TikTok for you page. 

 The Peri Cooler includes fresh lemon, yoghurt and Butterfly Pea Syrup which when combined with the unique taste and natural flavourings of Volvic Touch of Fruit Summer Fruits provides a refreshing, tasty and delectable drink that everyone will want to make this summer. 

To make the drink, follow the recipe below: 

Peri Cooler Recipe Peri Cooler Recipe 

·         ½ cup of blue ice (made using Butterfly Pea Flower Tea)  

·         ½ cup of plain ice  

·         1 tablespoon Alpro Plant Based Alternative  

·         25ml Blue Flower Syrup (made from scratch) or Non- Alcoholic Blue Curacao Syrup 

·         5ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice   

·         60ml of Touch of Fruit Summer Fruits 

Peri Cooler Method  

Blue Ice  

Mix Butterfly Pea Tea with water into ice cube trays and freeze overnight 

Butterfly Pea Tea Syrup (if applicable) 

1.    Add 2 grams of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to 100ml of warm water and let it soak for 30 minutes  

2.    Strain the mixture twice and warm the mixture up again in a pan on the hob  

3.    Add 20g of stevia and stir until fully mixed  

Peri Cooler Mocktail 

1.    Add 25 ml Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Syrup or Non-Alcoholic Blue Curacao Syrup to a shaker  

2.    1 tablespoon of Alpro Plain Plant Based Alternative 

3.    5ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice (or to your own tasting) 

4.    60ml of Volvic Touch of Fruit Summer Fruits 

5.    Fill the shaker with the blue ice and shake well for eight seconds 

6.    To serve, strain into a tall glass filled with plain ice 

7.    Garnish with your chosen topping! 

Working with colour expert Bradley and Mixologist Braun, the unique Very Peri colour in the drink provides a calming colour, incorporating the unique volcanic mineral water and natural flavourings of Volvic Touch of Fruit.

Braun said: “I couldn’t be more excited to unveil this delicious new drink just in time for summer. We worked hard to ensure the ingredients not only complement the warmer weather, but also reflect the beautiful colour of Very Peri. 

“The freshness of the citrus combined with Volvic Touch of Fruit Summer Fruits work wonderfully to create the perfect summer drink! Leaving you feeling refreshed and also looking good whilst drinking the beautiful drink.” 

 Bradley added: “Colour psychology plays a key role in an individual’s instinctual response to a product and can potentially trigger certain emotions. The colour combinations included in the Peri Cooler drink offer an array of emotions that could help you feel refreshed.” 

 “Lilac, the core tone of Volvic’s Peri Cooler, is believed to be the colour of calm and reflection, and is also thought to encourage self-care with its mood boosting tones.  

 “With the drink reflecting Very Peri, the colour of the year, the colours in this drink may bring about positive emotions which when combined with the summer sun should bring about happy Volvic consumers!” 

 Volvic’s Director of Culture and Experience, Lucille Moreau said: “Summer is officially here and we’re thrilled to launch our delicious new Peri Cooler recipe, inspired by the hottest colour of the year, Veri Peri! 

 “Working in partnership with Colour Expert Tash Bradley and leading Mixologist Francesco Braun, we’ve created a deliciously refreshing drink that not only looks and tastes great, but will hopefully make you smile while preparing and drinking. We hope people enjoy making it in their own homes this summer as the perfect on-trend way to stay refreshed.”  

 For those that like to keep up with the latest trends and would like to create what is set to be the summer’s hottest drink, the ultra-instagrammable Peri Cooler recipe and method can be found on Volvic’s social channels for how to make the drink at home and join in the trend Showcase your drink using #PeriCooler and #Volvic. 

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