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Quirky spots for a drink in London

London is a city where everything is so invigorating, alive and really simulates perfect opportunities to socialise.

Socialising always often happens through bars, restaurants and general places where activities can be done in large or intimate groups.

Maybe you are thinking about getting back into the grind of going out for the weekends with friends, which of course has been hard to do this past year (for all of us).

So, what can really make up for all the time lost in the pandemic? Some quirky bars spread across the hotspots of London town, of course.

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Alcotraz: prison cocktail bars

The most sought out bar experience of the moment happens to be this immersive cocktail bar in east London.

Inspired by the Hollywood movie which hit a storm back in its day, you will feel the glitz and glamour associated with the movie theme.

Every cocktail here can be tweaked, changed or re-invented to make your experience an enjoyable one.

There is a library full of liquor, meaning you may take a while to decide, which is very normal given the circumstances.

Just make sure you do one thing, okay? Avoid the warden and don’t let him catch you!


This spot is a 1920s invention, to bring back the roaring 20s, to those that want to have a memorable time, or are just general Gatsby lovers through and through.

Located just around the corner from Oxford Street, you may be surprised that not many people know about this spot as they should, meaning it can be really intimate on weekdays, if you may not be quite brave enough to face a rowdy crowd.

Everything from the drinks to the nibbles served here are authentic to the 20s, and will leave you wanting more.

We also do not want to forget how the basement bar setting with warm lighting, really calms the entire atmosphere down.

It will probably have you curling on the sofa afterwards, re-watching the Great Gatsby one more time. 

Chelsea Funhouse

Here is a spot for those that want to stay local to Chelsea.

The bar experience is pretty hidden away by the way, so you will find that again, it can regulate the crowds and make it more of an intimate experience.

If you are looking to get back into your dating regime, this could be the ideal hotspot to meet for drinks after work, or better yet, make an evening of it on a weekend.

There are two-inspired escape rooms which bring you back to the history of the World War too, so any history geeks out there will fully appreciate the attention to detail that has put together such a set up. 

We have heard through the grapevine that the Chelsea Funhouse does a pretty good late-night job of an espresso martini.

Therefore, if you are hoping to stay revitalised and livened up throughout the night, this would definitely be a good safe call.

The Exhibit

Last but not least, we have the Balham experience, where those that are looking for superior cocktails and an electric vibe, will most definitely find themselves welcome.

They do serve dinners, as well as extra immediate space for venues and large attendances.

Perhaps, if you are overdue for a work get-together because of the pandemic, this spot could bring together the perfect location to create memories and share a few laughs.

P.S. There is an additional independent cinema space for cool indie and classical movies, that operates on the weekends. A rendezvous for a date and dinner at the Exhibit premises, may seem like the perfect plan.

Featured image credit: N Chadwick and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

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