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Jason’s Little Kitchen brings a ‘sumptuous’ taste of Ghana to Battersea

For a West African social dining experience, look no further than Jason’s Little Kitchen.

The supper club of British born Ghanaian Jason Obeng fuses his heritage with his European upbringing, to create a feel of authentic culture and flavoursome cuisine.

“My mum is born in Ghana and I’ve been raised here; with Jason’s little Kitchen I blend the two,” he said.

It is located at the London Cooking Project in Battersea, a social enterprise that lends its space to the culinary arts and benefits the community.

There is an Afrobeats playlist, wooden ornaments and table centrepieces of bright flowers delicately placed in pineapples.

The open style kitchen lays bare the food preparation process, whetting my appetite sufficiently for the oncoming feast.

First on the menu is a wild summer salad of red amaranth, watercress, peaches and strawberries, lightly glazed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

All ingredients used are in season, and if ever there was summer in a salad, this is it!

Next up is jollof rice, a classic West African staple served with chicken, made with slow-cooked basmati steeped in a tomato stew, and a sumptuous mix of peppers, bay leaves and spices.

To finish, the Ghanaian flag in dessert form – mango, avocado and slices of watermelon on a bed of crushed spiced biscuit.

With friends helping in the kitchen and his dad assisting with waiting, you can feel a real sense of community and support in building Jason’s dream.

Festivities abound as a few of Jason’s friends and family who are instrumental in the running of his supper club are also celebrating birthdays tonight.

Cakes trickle in from the kitchen and everyone joins in to sing Happy Birthday, uniting us all in the joyous celebration, which is also the two-year anniversary of the supper club.

Outside the club, Jason dedicates his time to housing vulnerable tenants in a full-time role.

His commitment to the community is evident in his continuous endeavour to source locally.

Much like a dinner party, Jason’s Little Kitchen is the ideal experience for food lovers looking to sample an exquisite three course menu in a unique sociable setting.

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