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South Kensington dessert parlour serving London’s first churros afternoon tea

A South Kensington-based dessert parlour, the first to serve a churros afternoon tea in London, has reopened after lockdown with a brand-new look.

The Knot Churros, based on the famous Bute Street, is the brainchild of interior designer Anisah Taj and has the Instagrammable décor to match.

The space has undergone a refurbishment ahead of reopening for new and returning customers.

The churros on offer are all baked instead of fried, as well as being vegan.

Zarah Taj, sister of owner Anisah, spoke about the hotspot’s crystal-themed menu and their unique afternoon tea experience.

Zarah said: “Our menu at the moment has a crystal theme – for those of you who are into all that – you can choose your favourite crystal.

“And not just have your favourite dessert but also have that positive energy you receive when you think about that amazing crystal.

“So it’s a very exciting menu at the moment.

“Our afternoon tea menu definitely has to be the most special thing we have here.

“We don’t know any other place which actually delivers churros as an afternoon tea option.”

The afternoon tea is made up from other elements of their super sweet menu, including chilled churros and soft served ice cream.

Zarah also addressed the possibility of going on to expand the business – which didn’t open long before the Covid-19 pandemic struck – in the future.

She added: “Throughout the time we have been closed, we’ve spent that time trying to be as resourceful as we can and come up with some amazing new ideas.

“One piece of feedback we often have from our customers is, ‘Is this the only place? Will there be any other shops opening?’

“That is really something we want to try and deliver in the near future, it’s our ultimate goal to try and do as soon as we can.”

She explained how The Knot Churros has found it tough due to being based in South Kensington, known for being a tourist hotspot and home of many international residents.

“We’re itching and waiting for them all to come back!” she added.

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