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Well Kneaded Pizzeria celebrates 10 years of business

Well Kneaded Pizzeria will celebrate 10 years of business on 13 November.

Well Kneaded is all about sustainability which spans from their sourcing to their employment principles.

The restaurant also won an award last year at the Urban Food Awards for its business sustainability.

Bridget Callaghan, managing director, said: “Our hope for the event is that it’s a chance to give a little back to our loyal customers, and have a chance to put a stake in the ground and raise a toast to getting through tough times together.

“We want to give the community a chance to celebrate with us by offering them almost half price pizza and drinks and free prizes and fun music.

“It was easy not to celebrate these milestones when we are definitely not out of the woods in terms of the last 9-18 months which has, especially latterly, been pretty gruelling for us as a business.

But, we want to take a moment to pause and celebrate and thank everyone for helping us keep going!”

The event will have their classic Margaret pizzas, which, as the name reflects the way they source their ingredients, is British and local.

It will also include a wheel of fortune where you can win prizes and free food.

Bridget adds: “Our main goal is celebration in the face of adversity.

“Taking time to remember our amazing customers, suppliers and that at the core, our industry is about creating amazing experiences for your community of guests.

“It is a day to remember what is important!”

It is expected that around 250 people will pass through the doors, and will include smooth beats from Beats in Abundance and the garden will be open as well.

The founders of Well Kneaded, Bridget and Laurence Callaghan will be there to talk at various points of the day.

The event will take place this Saturday from 12-9pm on 414 Garratt Lane, SW18 4HW.

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