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The best sweet shops London has to offer

Anyone for some sweets? Don’t worry, London has you covered.

In fact, for Londoners, there are plenty of options in that respect.

England’s capital can’t exactly credit Jamie Laing for this particular development, instead looking towards its rich culture and diverse population instead.

As such, London is now packed full of shops that specialise in sweet treats.

Of course, most people enjoy the odd sweet binge from time to time anyway.

Grazing on some tasty treats after a long day at work is exactly what some people need, while for others, they might dip into their supply of treats once a day for that little sugar-filled kick when needed.

Sweets are everywhere, too, from sweets-themed fashion accessories to television advertisements to games like Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play.

We don’t just grow up with candy.

Ultimately, you’re never too old to indulge in a sweet shop’s offering, are you?

For Londoners, the options certainly aren’t lacking either, from independent stores to world-famous brands with shops in the city.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best sweet shops in London.

Dark Sugars

Located in Brick Lane, Dark Sugars is a go-to option for many people in London thanks to its stunningly beautiful selection of chocolate.

Particularly passionate about producing the highest quality of chocolate around, Dark Sugars is packed full of delicious chocolate treats, from luxurious truffles to elegant pearl balls.

Dark Sugars’ intensely chocolately “pitch black” hot chocolate is well worth trying, alongside the shop’s range of other excellent products.

M&M’s World

The world’s biggest sweet shop, M&M’s World is a remarkable place to visit for that reason alone.

The sheer size of the space is quite remarkable, but the fact that it’s bursting full of delicious M&M’s makes it even more impressive.

Of course, if you don’t like M&M’s, then it’s potentially your worst nightmare, but for people who do enjoy the miniature chocolate candies, then venturing to Leicester Square is well worth it.

Hope & Greenwood

Championing British confectionary, Hope & Greenwood produces high-quality products that are adored by its community of customers.

From well put together jars to gorgeous fudge packs, it’s a store that certainly knows what they’re doing.

Many of the products on offer come attached with a great deal of nostalgia and personalisation, with Hope & Greenwood’s dedicated staff producing some truly memorable treats of the highest standard.

If you’re wanting high-end chocolate, then Hope & Greenwood’s the place.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

One of London’s most creative and truly unique sweet shops, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is a brilliant option for both senior and junior sweet lovers.

Offering modern-day brands to classic sweets, the shop has it all.

There is one major difference between Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and other sweet shops, though, namely with regards to its strong focus on monster-themed sweets.

People can purchase cubes of earwax, for instance, while also exploring an array of other spooky-themed snacks.

If you’re in need of a sweet-related present, then look no further than Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

Hardys Sweets

If you’re partial to the odd pick n ’mix selection then Hardys Sweets most definitely has you covered.

This old fashioned sweet emporium is packed full of classic favourites and loads of other tasty ranges, plus a large choice of more contemporary sweets.

Other notable options include vegan sweets, liquorice sweets, and some retro classics certain customers have been looking for everywhere.

If you’re a sweet lover, then get yourself down to Hardys Sweets.

Other sweet shops well worth visiting in the city include SugarSin and Charbonnel et Walker.

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