Family day out in south west London? No problem!

A day out with extended family is always an eventful one.

Whether you’re juggling three kids or five, the mother in law or the sister, the grandad or the granny, it can be hard to find something to do that gets everybody interested.

You have to plan travel, you have to make sure everybody’s fed, and most of all you have to make sure nobody throws a tantrum – adults included!

But don’t you worry weary traveller, we’ve got you covered.

A trip through south west London is so action-packed that you’ll never have to worry. Here are six sights and sounds that’ll get you through a day with the family guaranteed.

1. The Royal Botanical Gardens

Kew Gardens are a sight to behold at any time of year, especially summer.

The science, trees, plants and flowers here are bound to leave any family speechless as you make your way through the generous greenhouses and endless beds.

There are galleries, conservatories and arboretums for miles, each with enough greenery to make your local parkway blush.

Nature really is amazing. Amazing enough to make a great day of, at any rate.

2. The London Dungeon

Someone in need of a scaring? The London Dungeon is as interactive as southwest London family-friendly horror can get, with actors, gore and nervous laughter abound.

Take your family through the city’s history one gruesome tale at a time, each room a story, each story a look back through time. Very fun. Very memorable.

Book your visit then take a well-deserved break as granny catches her breath.

A browse through the Dungeon gift shop post-fright should give everyone a chance to calm down for example – and the kids can spend their pocket money!

3. The London Wetland Centre

WWT London Wetland Centre via Facebook

Just a short trip from Hammersmith station, the London Wetland Centre is an animal reserve perfect for a more active day out on the south west town.

Host to many a wildlife star, the waters and reeds of this soggy environment are an opportunity for all the family to enjoy. Spy the otters, spot the ducks and walk amongst the dragonflies. This is an especially good day out if you’ve a bird watcher in the group.

They’ll be zooming in and zipping up in no time, no more gossip.

4. Enfield Buzz Bingo

Finding a game that suits all the family for an evening’s fun is practically impossible – practically, but not completely.

The Enfield Buzz Bingo club makes entertainment simple with cards for each and every one of you both little and large. There are multiple game modes and various prizes, but at its heart, bingo is a game of fun chance and community soul.

So what are you waiting for? Get the kids out and find grandad a pen!

This one’s a particularly great choice if the weather takes a turn for the worse. We are in south London, after all.

5. The Cutty Sark


History buffs unite: The Cutty Sark is over a hundred years old, and now this wooden beauty is available for all to see at any time of day.

It was one of the fastest ships of the 19th century, polished, painted and preened.

Now it’s bound to leave you in awe at the weekend! Docked near the National Maritime Museum, its massive hull is raised off the water for a better view.

6. Chelsea Stadium Tour

Family days out are all about compromise: so if you do one of the above once, then you can do another the next time around!

That much is very likely to apply when you drag the family along to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium, at least. With hour-long tours of the premises, you can walk your family through football history one room at a time, albeit with slightly less cheering.

Otters, footie, ships and scares. Whatever you decide on, relax and enjoy! Family days out don’t have to be a struggle. Just plan ahead and go with that south London flow.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels, with thanks

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