The Blinders talk politics, genre-bending sounds and unlikely influences

Ever wondered what a ‘foreboding roman orgy’ sounds like? In their own words, meet one of the UK’s fastest rising bands, The Blinders.

Ahead of their upcoming show at Borderline on June 6,  guitarist and vocalist Thomas Haywood and bassist, Charlie McGough spoke about touring, their upcoming album, and everything in between.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the sounds of the Doncaster trio, but something between punk-rock, alternative and politically-charged poesy serves as a starting point — but how would they describe their genre-bending sound?

“In a proverbial sense it’s meant to be some kind of thunderstorm, especially during the live show, and everything’s thrown at you,” said Thomas.

“It’s heavy, its fast in some places, it’s ferocious. And we intended it to be.”

This style is well suited to the political undertones that lie beneath many of their songs, and they’re keen that audiences not only enjoy their performance, but take home some of the messages behind it too.

The trio have just finished recording their first album which is to be released later this year, but how have such a performative band found it being cooped up in a studio in Wolverhampton?

“It was quite the experience and we enjoyed it thoroughly because of how far you can take your music and experiment,” said Thomas.

“For example, in the upcoming album we have a collection of string arrangements which we never thought we’d do.”

He added that live shows will always, however, have ‘a place in our hearts’ because of the rawness.

As all great artists do, The Blinders take inspiration from a range of different performers.

A particularly formative influence for both Charlie and Thomas came from an arena gig by Pink Floyd co-founder, Roger Waters.

“We watched Roger Waters do ‘The Wall’ in Wembley and that was completely life-changing, it was theatre, it was performance,” said Thomas.

“Perhaps unconsciously that’s why we’re so performance-heavy on stage, because of seeing shows like that.”

Other less likely child and teenage-hood influences include U2 (yes, really!), Avril Lavigne and the Arctic Monkeys.

So, what can you expect to see from a Blinders gig?  Expect raw, fresh, uncontrived and tribal performances delivered with fervour.

“Because we’re inside the bubble it’s difficult to realise that we’re putting a show on, it sort-of comes naturally for us,” said Thomas.

“Some time ago we started putting on war paint and it all got a little glam rock!”

If you haven’t came across the band before, get started by listening to their newest single, ‘L’Etat C’est Moi’, before moving onto ‘Gotta Get Through.’

A band described by BBC6 Music’s Steve Lamacq as “the fastest emerging UK band at the moment” won’t be playing intimate venues for much longer, so see them at Borderline, while you still can.

What: The Blinders

Where: Borderline, Orange Yd, Manette St, Soho, London W1D 4JB

When: Wednesday June 6, 7:00pm

How: Short walk from Tottenham Court road tube station

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