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How casinos in London compare to the best online casinos

There’s no denying the growing popularity of online gaming.

Fast, reliable and universal internet connectivity as well as the proliferation of smartphones has made them easily accessible.

Game developers have also matched steps with technological progress, making a plethora of online games available today.

While there are many options for virtual gaming, traditional casino games have made a successful transition to the virtual world too.

There are estimated to be 175 online casinos operating in the UK alone.

But make no mistake, while there is no shortage of casino sites in the UK, the country’s brick-and-mortar casinos are thriving too.

Unsurprisingly, some of the country’s best casinos are in its most bustling metropolitan city, London. 

Here are the best of them.

1. Crockfords

If you dream of champagne and caviar with a round of roulette, Crockfords is for you.

With a history going back to 1828, it started out as a gaming club before it became the popular casino it is today.

With classic decor as the backdrop, this will be a casino experience to remember.

You also get a chance to walk through the corridors of a casino where much gaming history has been made.

Like Kerry Packer, who is said to have lost as much as £11 million in three weeks back in 1999.

While its main gaming area is accessible to all, its private rooms are where the really big stakes happen. 

Besides the casino experience, its restaurant is also worth trying, with a variety of foods available for everyone’s tastes.

And there is also a bar if you are one for cocktails.

2. London Hippodrome

Another London casino with a rich history is the London Hippodrome.

It started out as a music hall at the turn of the twentieth century.

Its premiere event is nothing short of historic either, with a performance by a then young Charlie Chaplin.

It later became a nightclub, but another noteworthy one. The club saw performances by some of the best singing legends from Frank Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald.

But that’s hardly all. The casino itself is huge, spread out across five different floors, giving plenty of opportunities to try out games for newbies and experts alike.

It is also a place to go for varied entertainment. It has a live theatre as well as a choice of restaurants.

There is the Heliot Steak House overlooking the casino floor and also Chop Chop, a Chinese restaurant by Four Seasons.

You can also get a view of Soho while enjoying food and gaming on the rooftop. And there is a café for light bites too.

3. Empire Casino

The relatively recent but very impressive casino is the Empire Casino.

It was earlier a ballroom and a theatre but was turned into a casino in 2007, where everyone can find a game to play.

It attracts a wide variety of people from students on a budget to high-stakes friendly casino players.

For the gamers who like to go big, there is a special VIP dragon lounge, though.

Spread out over a sprawling 55,000 feet, it is the biggest casino in London, with 50 table games.

What’s more, it also has not one or two but five bars. 

4. Ritz Club

In stark contrast to the Empire Casino is the members only Ritz Club.

Housed in the well-known hotel of the same name, it is a piece of pop culture history. More than one James Bond film has been shot at the hotel, giving it international recognition.

But do remember, membership isn’t guaranteed! If you do enjoy casino games, however, it may well be worth it.

So put in your application of £1,000 if you are going for a life membership.

The club has games tables as well as private salons where you can indulge in casino games in your chosen company.

There is also the added perk of dining at The Ritz when there, which is known for its Michelin starred restaurant.

As a bonus option, you can also try out the glamorous Grosvenor Casino located conveniently at Baker Street.

Still in the game

With massive and historic land-based casinos still thriving, it’s clear that they are very much still in the game in London.

While online casino gaming is certainly growing fast, the brick-and-mortar ones bring an unparalleled and unique richness of experience.

From the historic Hippodrome to the exclusive Ritz Club, there is something there to suit all tastes.

Besides the gaming experience, they have restaurants, theatres, and bars to keep the people there engaged too.

So, if you are in London, look up from that smartphone gaming, and step into one of these fascinating casinos.

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