Maximising your potential: what casino games have the highest potential pay-outs?

One of the things that has kept people coming back to casino games since they were first created centuries ago, is the possibility of receiving a lucrative pay-out.

Although we know that there is inevitably a risk involved in playing casino games, it is this irresistible combination of risk and reward that draws us in.

With this in mind, when choosing a casino game to play, it is common for players to try and select the casino game they think will give them the best chance of receiving such a pay-out, whilst also minimizing the risk they might lose their stake.

Finding this balance, however, is easier said than done.

Part of this is down to the sheer number of variables you need to keep in mind when looking at the potential pay-out rates of a particular casino game, each of which will have a big impact on how often and how much your pay-out will be.

With all that said, what are some of the variables we need to keep in mind when trying to figure out what casino games have the best pay-outs?

How do online casinos calculate pay-outs?

One of the best things about the various regulations that have been in place over the years for online casinos is that they are required to publish pay-out lists which give you a complete rundown of the pay-out percentages of all the online games they offer.

The benefit of using trusted online casinos such as Rizk slots, is that they make this information readily available to you so you can make an informed choice.

This is why it is always good to go with a trusted online casino.

To find these, simply head to the help and information page of your chosen casino or get in contact with a member of the customer support team.

These lists will tell you what percentages the games they host pay-out in accordance with.

This percentage is usually expressed as the “house edge”, which is essentially a measure of how much the odds are stacked in favour of the player versus the ‘house’ or dealer.

Most casino games have a slight house edge, so choosing a game with the lowest possible house edge, means the imbalance between you and the dealer is the lowest.

The house edge is theoretical and is calculated on the basis of what is statistically likely to happen over the course of a set number of games.

Online casinos also typically express this percentage as a ‘return to player’ (RTP) rate. Much like the house edge, this is calculated as a percentage and will tell you the gains you can expect to make over the stakes paid.

What casino games have the best pay-outs?

To find the casino game with the best pay-out odds, keep in mind the RTP and house edge to try and boost your chances over the course of a gaming session.

Generally speaking, classic table games tend to have the best pay-outs.

Roulette, for example, will have a house edge of about 2.7%. This will depend on the variation, however, as the American wheel layout has a much higher house edge of 5.3%. As such, if you want to increase your chances, stick to the European version!

Another game that has a solid house edge from a player perspective is Craps.

Although it has fallen out of favour in terms of popularity in recent years, the statistics don’t lie! With a house edge of around 1.2% on average, Craps is surprisingly player-friendly.

The most player friendly casino game, however, is Blackjack.

With a house edge of around 1%, with some online casinos offering even lower than this, it is easy to see why Blackjack is so popular with casino goers.

Blackjack also has the added benefit of having simple rules and being really simple to pick up and play.

For the sake of contrast, slot machines tend to have a much high house edge due to their random nature.

You can typically expect a slot machine to have a house edge of 15%, although this varies greatly between different versions and variations.

On the other hand, they do have potentially huge jackpots. So while statistically better for the casino, slots can be a huge win for the individual – that is, you.

This is why casinos will tend to advertise their slot offerings more than anything else.

Using house edge and RTP to your advantage

Being familiar with what the house edge or RTP is in a particular game will give you a good sense of what your chances are of winning, and when you can expect to receive a pay-out.

You can use this information to choose a game with the most favourable pay-out percentage.

Although this isn’t a way of guaranteeing a pay-out, it will give you a decent sense of what your chances are over the course of a playing session.

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