A terrifying mask hangs from the ceiling of a halloween party shop

The actors who scare people for a living

Horror mazes and Halloween events are some of the highlights of this spooky festive season. 

But what about the performers whose job it is to scare? 

I spoke to the scare actors in COLAB theatre’s immersive Halloween experience, Echoes

In this terrifying adventure, audience members must work together to solve a mystery, and whilst finding clues, they meet an unfriendly spirit that holds the final piece of the puzzle. 

Actors Robert Rhodes and Emily Jane Kerr share their favourite parts about immersive performance, the joy of returning to live theatre after the pandemic, and the techniques they deploy to terrify people. 

Echoes is a truly entertaining night out, perfect for any scare enthusiasts or wannabe Sherlock Holmes.

The show runs over Halloween through to the end of November, and tickets can be bought here

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