Review: Noga Erez at Corsica Studios

Super-talented Israeli Noga Erez and her band – Ori Rousso, her writing partner, and drummer Ran Jacobvitz performed at Corsica Studios in Elephant and Castle on Thursday night.

Off the back of her first studio album, Off The Radar, and now on a tour of Europe, Noga erupted onto the stage full of energy and passion.

Having interviewed Noga and somewhat binge-listened to the album since her PR sent it over, it’s safe to say I was pretty excited and my expectations were high. And I’m pleased to say I wasn’t even slightly disappointed with the real thing.

The heavy bass and synth-beats came to life live on stage.

With beats blasting through the crowds, cresting and breaking, it was impossible to stand still.

Completing the atmosphere was Noga, full of power, warmth, and excitement, her raspy voice adding a human quality to the dense, electronic sound, and with her incredibly talented band behind her, they put on a transfixing performance.

Special mention must be made to Corsica Studios – a cool, intimate venue, a perfect spot to listen to emerging new talent. (They also sell Estrella in cans. Seriously, why don’t more places serve these dance-friendly beer options?) The only downside was the lack of ventilation, with Noga mentioning the heat a few times.

There were a few hardcore fans in the crowd singing along to every word. Clearly touched by the enthusiasm of the discerning London crowd, Noga thanked everyone for the love and offered hugs at the end of her set.

This is what made the gig feel truly intimate – at one point she is so intimidatingly cool, and in the next, so sweet and humble.

I’m left with little doubt that this is a star on the rise. I’ll certainly be in the crowd the next time Noga visits London.


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