Battersea hardman reveals softer side in star-studded rom-com featuring Drew Barrymore and Dominic Cooper

A Battersea actor notorious for playing roles of villains and crooks is set to swap Kalashnikovs for compassion in a star-studded rom-com set for release later this year.

Mem Ferda will star alongside Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette and Dominic Cooper in the British-American film Miss You Already.

Directed by the woman behind the highly successful Twilight films, Catherine Hardwicke, the film portrays the relationship between Jess and Milly, two childhood best friends.

Both happily married, their lives are transformed when one becomes pregnant and the other becomes sick.

Ferda said: “I can’t wait for Miss You Already to be released later on in the year – I’m really excited for the film’s reception as it’s something completely new for me.

“Working with two amazing actresses, Drew and Toni, was a dream come true and the script was equally remarkable.

“I think this film will touch a lot of people, and it was great to be involved in a classic romantic comedy.

“This is a fresh role for me, my fans are used to seeing me portray gangsters and baddies – so I hope they like watching Ahmed as much as I enjoyed playing him.”

The British hardman has featured in films such as Gunned Down, Ill Manors and Dirty Money.

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