The facade of the British Museum in the morning winter sun.

New home for Peruvian and Andean culture at the British Museum

The British Museum unveiled its new home for Peruvian and Andean culture in November.

Commissioned by the museum, Living with Land and Sea: Peru and the Andean World was made in partnership with PROMPER√ö, Peru’s official tourism board.

A part of the Living and Dying exhibit, which explores how people across the world deal with life and death, it is the museum’s first permanent display featuring Peruvian and Andean culture.

The aim of the display is to amplify the work of scholars, artists and source communities who helped to create it.

The curator, Cecilia Pardo Grau, said: “The Peru and the Andes permanent display, part of the Living and Dying Gallery at the British Museum, brings new stories about how Andean societies from the past and present have dealt with the world around them.

“Through fifty objects from different periods and places, this exhibit provides a glimpse of the enormous potential of what can be done with these fabulous collections.

“I hope it fosters new conversations and, simultaneously, enhances further
collaborations with the communities these objects represent.”

Speaking to the South West Londoner was Dr Karoline Cook, lecturer in History of the Atlantic World at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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