Music project aims to bring artistic community together in south London

A south London band are leading the way with a pioneering idea to create a support network for young artists, creatives and performers.

‘Tiny Factory’ was set up two years ago by members of Husky Loops, an up-and-coming rock band looking to build a platform that focuses on quality and collaboration among the artistic community in south London.

Hailing from Italy and now based in Dulwich, the band have begun recruiting like-minded talents from across the artistic spectrum to their cause, with numerous exciting projects on the horizon.

Pietro Garrone, 27, of Husky Loops said: “The most important thing with Tiny Factory is that it is a cross genre group, it is about making things with love and quality.

“Initially we were thinking about creating a label, but we thought it would be a lot more interesting to build a network of people who support each other’s work and it became more than just music.

“We have musicians, graphic designers, photographers and friends that help each other in making work we are proud of.

“And that is when you get the Tiny Factory stamp.”

Currently supporting Placebo on a UK tour and soon to head to Europe with Spoon, Husky Loops own schedule is suddenly very hectic, but the band are determined to see Tony Factory through to fruition.

Originally intended to be a physical space for artists to create things, the band decided that the concept was most important.

Pietro understands from first-hand experience how difficult it can be to break into the industry and believes a community can help aspiring artists.

A number of bands including Count Councillor, A Nice Afternoon and Lunar share the same vision as Pietro and Husky Loops and see the value in being part of a wider community.

Pietro said: “As it is hard in London to find a place to make things it became something without the space, but the concept remained the same.”

He added:“You cannot do everything on your own, that’s why it’s great to have a community.

“Tiny Factory is the leader and it is what all the bands and artists can fall back on.”

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