REVIEW: Made in Chelsea

I open my laptop, log onto the All 4 demand website and see the infamous British reality show Made in Chelsea. 

For years, my parents would meet me in the living room, engrossed with the posh lifestyles of Spencer Matthews, Louise Thompson and Jamie Lang. 

Many seasons later these names are nowhere to be found. 

However, the story is very much still the same. 

Cheating is still very much alive, relationships are on the rocks and gossip spreads around faster than we can say ‘OMG!’ 

My expectations of Made in Chelsea were met from the very first minute. 

Seeing Harvey who is at the centre of a cheating scandal having coffee with his boys gave me serious deja vu. I couldn’t help but ask: ‘Really we are still doing this?’ 

Continuing with the relationship theme, it seems like nobody knows how to have one in SW3. Couples’ problems are exposed in every clique because they have decided to share with their friends and not each other! 

In the ending of the episode we get some juicy confrontations, which of course is not a surprise.  

Made in Chelsea has not changed one bit if anything we are just watching different, younger and naive faces.

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