REVIEW: Heavy drama on Made in Chelsea

In typical fashion, series 23 of Made In Chelsea kicked off with a heavy relationship drama that had developed off camera.

Told through the various drama-filled social gatherings that took place, it made for gripping viewing. 

The season began focusing on Maeva and James’s ever-turbulent relationship, but this time it was James calling the shots.

Whilst his gorgeous French counterpart is desperate to put a ring on it, James repeatedly expressed his desires to retrain some youthful elements of their relationship. 

As Maeva’s frustration grew, she simultaneously pushed James away to a big lads night out attempting to prove to his not-to-be fiance that he needs space. What we’re seeing is a classic repeat of the cracks that were so visible last series. If Maeva thinks the way to fix their relationship is by consummating it, we’re in for an epic season. Their air time never ceases to fail us. 

Whilst we’re on the subject of rocky relationships, Tristan and Liv are no more (to no one’s dismay). When we saw them last they were planning a trip to South Africa with Liv’s parents – now she can’t stand the sight of him. And quite rightly.

Meanwhile, lovebirds Ruby and Rez are back together after an entire series of her romantic rebellious acts with Miles. This is a loss for Ruby’s place in the show, as the only entertainment she brought was during her acts of defiance. Let’s hope their love reunion is mostly kept off air. 

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