Full Monty actor promises ‘two hours of joyous fun’ when show hits New Wimbledon Theatre

Audiences can expect ‘two hours of joyous fun’ when The Full Monty arrives in Wimbledon next week, according to one of its stars.

Andrew Dunn, 62, is part of the ensemble who are bringing a touring production of the stage show to the New Wimbledon Theatre.

The show is an adaptation of the iconic 1997 film and sees six frustrated, working-class men find a new purpose through stripping.

Mr Dunn said: “The audience follow their stories through and they’re really on your side at the end and wanting you to do it.”

The ‘it’ in question is the act which gives the play, and film, its title.

Mr Dunn confirmed that the actors do all go ‘The Full Monty’ for the show’s climax, but insisted that lighting trickery and a quickly-dropping stage curtain are there to save any potential blushes.

He added: “We get such good reactions in most places, it’s just a joy to do.”

Mr Dunn’s acting career has seen him appear on a range of British television shows, including a recurring role in Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies.

This is his third tour with the production and he said he is amazed that the show can deal with such intense themes while still being hilarious and uplifting.

The Sheffield-set show deals with post-industrialism, the separation of communities and precarious friendships.

“People can connect with the characters and the story, and they’re fully aware of the communities which unemployment affected.”

It has been adapted by Oscar-winning Simon Beaufoy, who penned the original screenplay.

Mr Dunn added: “The show is two hours of joyous fun where you leave the theatre with a smile on your face.”

Tickets for the show, which runs from Monday 29 April to Saturday 4 May, can be found here.

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