Octopi in bathtubs

WATCH: Forty years of miniature extravaganza at Kensington Town Hall

Visitors of all ages queued outside Kensington Town Hall to attend the top annual international dolls house exhibition.

Proving that the market for tiny things goes far beyond Sylvanians and Warhammer, the Kensington Dollshouse Festival began in 1985 and is still as popular as ever.

Hundreds of dolls house makers and miniature artists from as far afield as Japan and South Africa showed off their latest wares at the two-day event on 17-18 May.

The items for sale – 95 percent of which were handmade – ranged from intricate, traditional wooden furnishings to multi-coloured octopi playing bagpipes in the bath.

South West Londoner spoke to the craftspeople behind the masterpieces, as well as some of the visitors enchanted by their work.

Festival attendees Angela and Fleur have been perusing miniatures at Kensington every year for the last decade – the high quality of work and opportunity to buy from international sellers is what keeps them coming back. 

Fleur, whose own collection of miniatures began on one shelf and now takes up an entire corner cupboard, dabbles in miniature making too – she buys furniture here and upholsters it herself.

Angela said: “We know quite a few people who have stands, so it’s very nice for us to say hello to friends and see their work as well.” 

Featured image credit: Daisy Clague

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