REVIEW: The world’s most famous couple finally reveal their true selves

Meet the Khans is a reality television show that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a famous couple. 

I thought this would be a shitshow that is a little fake, but after watching the first episode, my thoughts changed immediately. 

There have been accusations that Khan has previously cheated on his wife.

The show portrays his wife as a ‘boss mum’ who is self-centred, but I can say it seems that she is a hard worker, a mother and being an influencer isn’t an easy job. 

Amir shows off his efforts over the years, his glamorous life he set for himself and the wedding venue that he’s building in Bolton. 

It’s good to see another side to the couple through this show, a side we’ve never seen before. 

In the show, instead of being constantly reminded how bad of a husband Amir is, we learn about his true self and how he is a father of three. 

We are quick to judge a book by its cover as outsiders, but maybe for the first time our perception of the Khans is about to change as we get to know some hard truths.

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