REVIEW: The Circle US

For someone who has never watched The Circle US, I didn’t know what to expect when I started season four.

After reading that Emma Bunton and Mel B from the Spice Girls were heading to the States for the show I knew I had to watch.

Their brief cameo at the end of the first episode encouraged me to watch more and I was not left disappointed. 

As the duo decided on their profile, a lot of thought went into how they could look their best, as a catfish. Imagine Scary and Baby Spice using your pictures to catfish people. 

The other contestants were fooled by ‘Jared.’ The pair spent time on their dialect, like their use of the word “stoked.” But, they raised a few eyebrows when responding to questions about their job. 

During the first episode, the pair were funny and entertaining. I question whether they’ll be able to keep it up, given they were arguing 25-minutes into the show.

I have to admit, having a cake competition made the episode. But my nerves were through the roof watching the first blocking, almost as if I was there. 

There are a lot of personalities on the show but I’m looking forward to watching the duo’s journey.

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