REVIEW: Selling Sunset Season 5 premiere

In the much-anticipated Selling Sunset season five premiere, luxury real estate takes the back seat in a drama-filled first episode.

Chrishell, Mary, Jason, Romain and Brett and his girlfriend go on a couple’s trip to Mykonos, Greece. This is the first insight into co-star’s Chrishell and Jason’s new relationship, which they celebrate on their holiday.

Back in the hills, in typical Selling Sunset style, a $9.5million property listing forms the backdrop to Christine greeting a new cast member, Chelsea. An alliance seems to form as the women bond over motherhood, exasperated husbands, and Botox.

Back in Mykonos, Amanza joins the group to celebrate Mary and Chrishell’s birthday. Jason shares with the table that Christine reached out to congratulate him on his new relationship to Chrishell’s disdain. 

Following Chrishell and Christine’s feud from previous seasons, Chrishell remains suspicious and it is hinted that this season will be no different from the rest in regard to the women’s relationship.

This is further cemented when the episode ends with Christine telling Maya she was wondering why she hadn’t been given any new listings before concluding, “oh yeah, it’s cos I’m not f***ing my boss.”

This episode certainly lays the groundwork for what looks to be an explosive season.

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