Italian trio set for bright future as they prepare to light up Brixton’s O2 Academy

Husky Loops have their eyes on the future as they head to Brixton for their biggest show so far.

A hectic summer on the UK festival circuit and a number of headline shows across the country has seen the band’s profile skyrocket.

Husky Loops play the final two shows on a 12-date UK tour supporting Placebo at Brixton’s O2 Academy on October 23 and 24.

Pietro praised the American outfit, believing they set a positive example for up-and-coming artists.

He said: “We love what Placebo stand for and the message they send both on and off stage. Touring with them has been a huge honour for us.

“When we were asked to support them we had no hesitation.

“On this tour we’ve played the biggest venues of our career so far.”

Hailing from Bologna and currently based in East Dulwich, the Italian trio have made huge strides over the past two years.

After securing a spot supporting Spoon on their European tour this winter, the band is set to garner further acclaim.

Having moved to London from Italy eight years ago to study, Pietro worked in graphic design before deciding to commit full time to Husky Loops.

His two band mates, Danio and Tommaso, made the same move three years later, and the band have made an impact since forming in 2015.

Pietro believes London remains the best place to be for aspiring musicians, despite its increasing challenges.

He said: “We just wanted to do music and be in a place where we could have a sense of opportunity and that things could happen if you work really hard for them

“That’s what London is; it’s a place with massive challenges and massive opportunities

“We did years of rubbish gigs in rubbish pubs with horrible promoters, and the music scene in London is detoriating more and more.

“That teaches you a lot and there is a really good side to that, there are a lot of bands making music, you meet a lot of people and you feel challenged.

“You feel like you need to improve the way you make things because it’s not just about complaining about how the world outside is, it’s about improving yourself.

“I think London been a great development for what we are doing, it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for London.

However, Pietro and his band mates are wary of the potential impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union on their careers and the music industry as a whole.

“All three of us are Europeans, and we are all really worried about what is going on with Brexit in terms of our status and how it is going to be for us in making music in this country.

“After eight years I live in London, I pay rent, I contribute to society, I work here, I pay for two universities here, I shouldn’t be kicked out, but there are so many people like me in London.

“The music industry as a whole is incredibly worried about it.

“It’s a shared feeling among other European artists in the UK; many of us are so integrated in the music scene that it is unthinkable.”

The good news keeps arriving for the band, who will also play at SXSW in March next year in what will be a first foray into the American music scene.

He said: “We have this great opportunity and we are going to the States to show what we can do.

“To go there for a band like ours is a big deal to potentially open a whole new market and new people to hear our music.

“We are really excited.”

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